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Whether you refer to cannabis as weed, bud, pot, dope, kush, or just marijuana there is no denying the positive affects it can have on people with serious phyisical, emotional, and medical problems. Medical marijuana has proven to provide amazing benefits to those with anxiety, cancer treatment related complications, just to name a few, and at WildFlower dispensary of Eugene Oregon, our staff will help you find what it is you need to feel better. Recreational use of cannabis is also legal in the state of Oregon and we not only help those afflicted with medical necessities but also those of us who enjoy the occasional use of marijuana to relax from the stresses of everyday life.   


Cannabis Foods For Sale

We offer everything from pastries like: cakes, brownies, & cookies as well as candies & savory foods. Marijuana edibiles for sale Eugene Oregon.

Buds / Flowers

Raw Plant Buds

Our prices are very competitive if you're looking to purchase medical & recreational marijuana, kush buds in the Eugene OR & Pacific Northwest. 

Oils / Concentrates

Marijuana Concentrates

Concentrated cannabinoids have shown to be highly effective treatments for a vast list of medical conditions. Capsules, Oils, tinctures.


Other Goods

Come check out our cool T-shirts, bowls, grinders, paper, tinctures, bongs, pipes, and more. Show your support of the growing industry of pot legalization. 


How Can We Assist You?

Understanding The OR Marijuana Laws